X BLACK HOLE RED, Gimmicks and Online Instructions by Kingsley Xu


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Today all of us live in a world that information expands everyday. As well as in magic, there are lots of cards effect we have overly seen; the color changes, card vanishes and appearings and so on. Maybe, one single effect cannot touch people nowadays, so how about combine some of the best card effects to amaze your audiences.

Here we have the magician Kingsley Xu, who has much performance experience and so good at sleight of hand to give us another different card magic experience – X Black Hole. The hole on the card moves from one end to the other, then the hole is removed while the card color changes! There is a large number of combined effects that happen in only a few seconds. It’s quick, visual and cool! Not only on the social media, but also right before people’s eyes!

  • Easy and visual
  • Fitting in stage, social media, close up(1M away) venues
  • Each of the units was crafted by hand

Props & instructional video

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