Three Way Force Bag, Large by Eran Blizovsky


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The clear force bag is one of the most underrated props in the magic world that has a multitude of uses for kid performer’s right up to mentalists. This innocent looking clear shopping bag has three compartments to use to force. This allows you to easily force paper slips, numbers, ribbons words, cards, billets, puzzles pieces or any small objects… the list is endless and only limited to your imagination. So simple and yet so powerful, your spectators will never suspect this innocent looking clear shopping bag. Give them what looks like a perfectly fair choice and you’re already ahead of them!
Size Approx: 30cm x 35cm, 12″ x 14″

“An everyday shopping bag and nevertheless a killer effect!” – Lior Manor
“The best force bag ever created for real world performers! The way a real simple bag should look like” – Lior Suchard

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