Encyclopedia Of Thumb Tip Magic, 3 DVD Set by Gary Darwin


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Disc Three


  • Balanced Card – Tremendous effect. Magician fooler.
  • Gold Cord – Darwin sells this one separately. Very commercial.
  • Sponge to Power Pad – This little idea gives you a great way to get your number to a girl.
  • Sponge Balls
  • Color Changing Sponge Balls
  • Sponge Rabbits – Darwin’s funny finish to Robert Nelson’s classic effect.
  • Candy Mentalism – Read people’s mind with a thumb tip!
  • Silk to Pocket – Darwin’s modernization of the old principle.
  • Nickles to Dimes – Darwin’s startling climax improves on the old classic.
  • Drop Dead – Your pulse stops at your command.
  • Cigarette in Hanky – When you do it Darwin’s way you’re one step ahead.
  • Center Tear – Mentalism effect and Darwin’s finish on the Invisible Deck.
  • Burst & Restored Balloon – Strong Trick. Darwin invented this one over 25 years ago.
  • Vanishing Silk Hanky – A wild concept! Vanish the Hanky in the spectator’s hand!
  • Rubber Bands – A little mystery with a rubber band.
  • Purse Frame – The thumb tip improves the old classic!
  • One Handed Silk Production
  • Instant Breakfast – Fielding West loved it, and you will too.
  • Expanded Hanky – Melvin Christopher and Hen Fetch Popper.
  • Burnt & Restored Bill – Good trick, close-up or stage. This one gets more laughs.
  • High Sodium Napkin – A new principle.
  • One Handed Coin Vanish
  • More Gimmicks
  • Literature
  • Thumb Through Shirt
Total Running Time Approximately 211min

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