CAPSULE by Sebastian Calbry & Thibault Surest (Download)



There is no need for introduction for Sebastien Calbry, a French creator whose name is becoming more and more familiar in the world of creation. He is also the one behind several best-sellers (Off-set, Manivelle, Badge, and several more). Clever and ingenious, he is taking us on a ride with a few tricks, all in the universe of capsules (French for bottle caps).

Here, you will:
– Flatten a capsule imprinted inside your hands
– Pass a signed capsule through a drinking glass
– With only one hand, make a capsule signed by a spectator disappear, and reappear in your pocket
– Draw, right on front of your spectators, a heart on the bottom of the capsule which will disappear to reappear on the palm of your hand.


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